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Offer Accommodations

It's easy to list your accommodation on All you need are impressive photos of the rooms where your potential guests will stay,

as well as photos of the stable stalls and everything in and around the stable that the guest can use with their horse.

Please provide us with all the necessary information about the rules and facilities of the stable and accommodation, preferably in bullet points, if they are not listed on your website.

In a brief phone call, we usually clarify any remaining questions. After that, we can take care of creating your listing on if desired.

Flex Package

Guests can book your accommodation directly on Your booking calendar can be kept up to date manually or synchronized with Google Calendar. The customer can pay using an online payment method. You then have 3 days to confirm the booking.

  • Listing of your accommodation on the platform
  • Direct online booking of your accommodation on the platform
  • Comprehensive options to inquire about the guest's desired services
  • Summary of all desired services in the booking PDF
  • Email notifications
  • Review of your accommodation details for optimization
  • Writing accommodation descriptions based on your information
  • Rating options for guests
  • Promotion of your accommodation on social media channels
  • Regular promotion of the accommodation on various channels
  • No risk: Pay only when a guest books your accommodation
9.9% / of the booking amount,

no contract, no base fees