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Tips from the Travel Pro

The first riding vacation with your own horse is exciting.

The second one is too, and so is the third. Riding gear and feed supplements, equipment and first aid kit, vet's number and insurance details.

And also: Don't forget the horse!

Travel Planning with a Horse

Many horse owners have experienced this in their excitement: Everything is prepared, the car with the horse trailer is rolling off the farm – and the horse is standing calmly at the hitching post. Quickly turn back and load the horse!

To avoid such mishaps, we recommend creating a checklist before the big travel day. Divide it into time units so you know what can be done a few days in advance. The trailer doesn't need to be prepared on the day of the trip; it can be ready the day before. Route planning can also be done in advance.

Especially for trips longer than two hours, you should plan for breaks. Where is a good place to take a break? Where is there water so the horse can drink? If you offer a well-stuffed haynet for the journey, you won't need to feed the horse along the way.

Also, consider whether your horse is the "travel type" or if loading is difficult. Generally, it is not advisable to unload at a rest area to let the horse walk a bit. The risk of the horse breaking loose in an unfamiliar place is too high.

If your vacation destination is several hours away, it might be wise to make a stop at a riding stable where the horse can run in a paddock for a few hours.

Checklist for Traveling with a Horse

Your travel plan should not only include potential break times but also all the items that need to travel with you.

If your horse needs specific medications or supplements, these should be packed along with the first aid kit for both horse and rider. Your own riding clothes must come along, as well as the saddle, bridle, and other equipment for the horse.

The phone number of your vet and farrier should also be part of your important travel documents! This way, consultations with these experts are possible in case of an emergency.