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Your perfect riding holiday: made by riders, intended for riders

Anyone who wants to spend their holiday with their own horse is faced with a multitude of challenges: their own needs must be met, the horse must not be neglected.

At the same time, two different individuals meet the fixed structures of the hosts. We at know this problem and help to minimize the natural potential for conflict.

For a horse holiday like in a dream!

Our experiences for your relaxing riding holiday

"Happiness on earth lies on horseback." Probably every rider knows the saying and signs it blindly. Unfortunately, misfortune is often right next to it and, at least on holiday, comes in the form of hosts who do not respond to their guests.

Or bad luck stands in the way of negative riding experiences that are not taken into account when awarding a rental horse. We also know the problem from our own painful experience and know about the tedious search for suitable accommodation.

Now we have set ourselves the goal of finding the famous needle in the haystack and are presenting it in multiple forms on our website. Everyone will find what they are looking for here. It doesn't matter whether you are a fearful rider or a beginner who would like to have a reliable school horse on your riding holiday.

Or whether on holiday with your own horse you have to take into account that the animal doesn't like wheel loaders, cars or cows. But not only the horse is an individual with special requirements and can show itself as a real sensitive one, especially on holiday.

People also have to find what they have in mind during their riding holiday. If you like the mountains, you can use our platform to look for suitable hosts, if you prefer to spend your holiday with your horse by the water, take a closer look at the offers on the North and Baltic Seas.

All hosts have been checked by us and meet our requirements, which we have set for horse people and their favorite animals.

Riding trips of your choice: Our filters will guide you to your destination

We are riders ourselves and therefore know what horse people expect on holiday, what needs your own horse has in a foreign environment and what the perfect rental horse should be like.

Based on our experience, we have developed several filters that you can use to narrow down your search for the ideal horseback riding trip. Choose whether you want to take dressage or jumping lessons on holiday or whether you just want to explore the beautiful local nature.

We also list barrier-free accommodation. We are happy to help you with our experience and advise you with tips on travel planning, transport and everything that has to do with our certified accommodations, with secure payment (via Paypal and Sofortüberweisung possible) and with our booking system.

So that your riding holiday is not just another horse holiday, but the most beautiful holiday with a horse so far!