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Tips for a Relaxed Interaction

We assume that everyone knows how to behave when dealing with someone else's property.

Nevertheless, we would like to remind you here to please be considerate and careful with everything. Your hosts are doing their utmost to offer the same excellent conditions to every guest.

Please support them in doing so!

Protecting Others' Property

As a rider, you probably know how quickly something can break in the stable. How fast your horse can damage something or how swiftly inattention can lead to unexpected damage. Please do everything to protect your host's property.

This applies both in the stable environment and in the accommodation. Don't let your horse vacation end in a way that everyone regrets getting involved! Treat the furnishings in the accommodation with care and consideration, and remember that other guests will want to stay there after you.

You are provided with a home away from home, so please treat it as such! If you plan to bring your own horse on vacation, please inform your host of any specific requirements.

Important: If your horse is very sensitive, please discuss this with your host. Together, you can find ways to accommodate your horse's individual needs. If you are a particularly attentive owner, there should be no obstacles to a relaxed vacation.

Pleasant Interaction Is Desired

Just as you would like to be treated politely and respectfully, your hosts expect the same. Please address any issues on-site if something bothers you, but remain calm and composed. Solutions can always be found.

Also, report any damages that need replacement. Financial matters are handled by insurance, but the human aspect is in your hands! Please note that you won't be the only guest on the farm. Respect quiet hours and nighttime rest, both in the accommodation and the stable area.

Your host will inform you on the first day about the specific times to observe. Special requests can surely be accommodated.

For the use of our website, a polite tone is expected as well. We do not tolerate insults, discrimination, sexism, or hate speech and encourage factual reviews. If you were dissatisfied with your vacation, you can mention negative experiences in your review. The platform is not a place for hate campaigns!