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Become a Host: We Bring Your Guests!

What could be better than doing something good for others? For many, vacation is the highlight of the year, especially for horse enthusiasts who don't want to be without their beloved four-legged friends.

This can include one's own horse or a rented horse. Riding through the most beautiful parts of the country together creates lasting memories.

We help you find your future guests with our platform.

Conveniences for Hosts

Providing the perfect vacation requires attending to many details. The accommodation must be advertised and marketed, inquiries need to be handled, and bookings processed.

Not least, payments must be recorded, and cancellations sometimes need to be managed. Stable operators or farm owners are often already more than busy with their daily routines and wish to offload such comprehensive organizational and administrative tasks.

This is where we at come into play. We provide your future guests with a booking form where they can request their desired travel period. If it is already booked, it will appear as unavailable in the availability planning.

Many inquiries are thus already dealt with. In addition to availability, prices and services, booking cancellation conditions, and your house rules are also visible.

Your future guests are thus fully informed, which significantly reduces the need for further answers.

Benefits for Hosts

The effort to present an accommodation to potential guests is one side of the coin. Another is the security of payments. Your guests want to ensure that only the actual amount billed is paid, and you want to secure your money.

Thanks to our mediation of your offered services and secure payment, you can be sure to receive the requested amount. Your guests pay via PayPal or instant transfer. There are no extra costs for you!

Speaking of extra costs: Of course, listing on our site is free for you. You benefit from the professional presentation of your services and increase the visibility of your offer.

This, in turn, leads to better occupancy of your offer, and ideally, you can look forward to a fully booked accommodation.

Benefit for All Parties

Horseback riding vacations are offered in abundance, but often these are unverified offers. We, however, verify your offer to ensure it matches the facts.

This is not about a lack of trust, but we want all parties to be satisfied! Those who want to explore the Baltic or North Sea on horseback during their vacation want to be sure that the sea is indeed within riding distance. Please indicate any distances realistically to help ensure that the holidays with horses are unforgettable for your guests.

You also benefit from this because a good reputation leads to better occupancy and always new, interesting guests on your farm. Please specify in your offer description whether the riding vacation is possible with one's own horse or if it will be with rental horses.

This way, you reach the desired clientele. In summary: We help you professionally present your services and welcome guests, turning your role as a host into an offer among friends.